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All Comments

Why are some guys ***** bigger than others?
does it have to do with testosterone levels? is a guys vocal pitch a measure of how much testosterone theyhave/how big their dick is?
genetics, professor.
What if your guys ***** to big to fit in your mouth?
I was messing around with my boyfriend and omg he has a huge thick dick and i can barely fit the tip in. What do i do? I dont wanna use teeth
Thats not a problem. What you miss out on by not being able to suck him, you will more than make up for it when he's inside of you!

When I give head to a guy with a big d ick, I usually make sure to lick it all over a lot and get it sloppy wet, then use my hand to pump it while still licking the head. He probably hasn't found too many girls who are able to take it, so don't worry. Just enjoy it when he slides it in. You might want to be on top and control the depth yourself until you get used to it.

Sounds yummy.

How do u now how guys ***** are big?
somtimes when im with a guy i am tempting to look down where there zipper is and i think like well i wonder how big there dick's are if u can give me some advise of what should i do or how big there ***** are ....
The only way you're gonna know the size of his dick is when he pulls it out for you to see. You can't go by shoe size, how big his hands are or any rumors you've heard.
I've noticed there's alot of gorgeous looking guys but with small ***** compared to ugly guys with big *****.h?
why so? is it called balance? or am i wrong about this?
your sample is not a representation of men as a whole. pleasing faces and cock length have nothing to do with each other

that's all there is to be said.
Why do people say black guys have big *****?
im black im 6'1 and i have a dick size of 6 and a half inches but why do girls say black guys have huge *****?
i always see black guys on porn having sex with some girl and his dick be like 12 inches and ****
im in college and i play football i have to shower with guys no homo../....
and most of them are black but they have the same size as me or a bit more bigger or smaller
and i brought it up with my friend and he told me he heard about tht rumer and that its not true what do you guys think??????
i think its not about race its just people all have different sized *****
There are big d icks in every color. The biggest I ever saw was on a white guy.

Don't believe all the rumors you hear.

Do girls like guys with big *****?
im 17 years old and my dick is 13 inches long. and ill *** for like 30 seconds straight. its that normal? and also im not some fat **** either im 6 4 and lean and in wicked good shape.
you're too short, hopefully you can learn to use your tongue and fingers
Do girls come across big ***** very often?
I think girls come home with guys from bars quite a bit and i was just wondering if they are coming across guys with big *****, (7" or above) average *****, (5"-7") or small ***** (5" or below)? And say someone had approx 5" dick, would that be noticeably small even though its around average? Do you girls get disappointed when you find out a guy is kinda small or does it really even matter?
I've come across a lot of guys in the 7-8" range. I've had a few over that and one was about 11". It felt incredible! If a guy is smaller than 7" he better be very good with his toungue!

Do white guys have bigger ***** than mexicans?
im having an argument with my friend and she sais that mexicans have the next biggest ***** next to black guys and i say that white guys have the nest biggest.... which one is it????
I think that they are about the long as you work it right it really doesnt matter
What kinda cars say what about guys or their drivers?
like for ex. i heard men that men with small ***** drive porsche's guys with big trucks have big *****, and guys that drive mustangs are *** holes the only one that in know to be true try their is the mustang one cause every one that i know that has one thinks their hot **** and ***** lol. so what do the cars say about theirs drivers or what do girls think about when they see a guy with that car
LOL I try not to judge just on the car....but when it appears that a guy is driving a particular type of car just because he's concerned about what "girls will think"....I consider him to be a self-centered, arrogant douche. You can usually tell by the guy's attitude and level of rudeness in traffic whether he's driving the fancy car because he's a genuine car enthusiast, or he's just a douchebag. :)

I'd rather be with a guy in a run down, boring Ford Escort who was confident, intelligent & was interested in something besides himself....than a guy in a flashy "hot" sports car or muscle car, who was too concerned with his image, his appearance, and impressing other people...I can't stand a self-centered prettyboy.

I'd rather be with a hard working rancher in a big, dirty pickup truck with dents in the fenders from getting kicked by horses....than a guy in a spotlessly clean, jacked up Chevy with straight pipes who's obsessed with making people think he's "macho"'s usually THAT guy who has a small weenie & a superiority complex. A down to earth, hard working man is a million times more "macho" than someone who flashes a big shiny truck around & pretends to be hot sh*t.

But thats just me, there are plenty of flaky bimbo superficial chicks out there who are ready to drool over all the flaky bimbo guys in their hot cars....and then they wonder why all the guys they meet are jerks LOL.

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