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Girls: which of these 2 pics of this hot teen singer do you like best?
Which of these 2 brand new pics of Justin Bieber playing on a beach in Sydney Australia do you think looks better?


Lol, Stretching the definition of "hot" I see.
Boys: which of these 2 pics of this hot teen actress do you like better?
The first pic is great.
Where can I find pics if really hot spanish teen guys?
I need this pictures for a project my teacher perfers people who arena famous( don't ask me why) please tell me some sites they need to look Spanish
look for a spanish or south american soccer team there hot as hell lol good luck girl =) most aren't in their teens though =\ there still hot.
like Alexandre Pato from the brazil team hes some other teams too.
Yahoo messenger and hot guy pics,have this question is for guys and the other half is for anyone!!!! thanks!?
hey! heres my… u add me to ur messenger if u have...o and i have to have 8 pics of hot teen guys for health class so can a hot guy send me a pic please?? o and my teacher said the age range is 12-16...thank you!
yeah right lol ..
Do you think these guys are hot? (PICS)(i'm a teen so some are young)?
omg i love that book!! and the movie!!
they are sooooooo hot...or were at that time! you have good taste
Bf has on his phone teen girls self shot pics?
my bf on his phone has teen girls posting pics of them self's nude and graphic stuff on this site tumblr. Thing is how do you know there of age some of the girls look 16 maybe even younger. Im so upset the other one was girls next door I know guys like pics of hot girls. i feel its disrespectful
What a creep. Id tell him to stop and if he doesn't show him the door. You can find a guy who respects you.
Teen Beauty (pics included) read description?
Okay, so i am very insecure about myself but I have gotton a lot better and have gained a lot more confidence. I am really into beauty, makeup, magazines and stuff like that.

On the left, this is me (with my sister)…

any tips for me to improve my looks?

i have always been jealous of this drop dead gorgeous girl (though shes 2 years older than me)…

what can I do to capture that gorgeous, hot, teen look? and please dont tell me i should be happy how I am, because I am I just want to improve.
ok well you are really pretty to start with so that helps

for hair:
i think you should straighten it like your sister and then cut it with a side fringe like this:…
i like it that blonde as well come to think about it.

for makeup:
layer mascara and then line the top half of your eyes with black pencil liner ans the bottom half as well then use a peach blush and a pink lip gloss and i think your good to go
What should I do with dirty pics of my gf?
She's a hot young teen and they are good pics. I need to get them out of my camera before my wife finds them.
Should I post them on amateur sites ?
Can you PLEASE send them to me. I would like to inspect them.
Did anyone else see the pics of Miley Cyrus wearing hot shorts and pole dancing at the Teen Choice Awards?…

I saw the picture first in OK!, and there was a mom with this horrified expression on her face in the background, lmao!
Um, not until now - thanks, Dana!!

Yeah, I don't get the rage over Miley Cyrus.

I feel kind of bad for Britney - I think she was used by the music industry (and her parents) and not given a chance to mature properly. I hope she has her act together now.

Peace, Bill
Who do u think is the hottest teen guy glee character? (pics)?
who do u think is the hottest? i think finn is!!!

Finn or Puck

or Jesse but he isn't an option.

My mind changes regularly.

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