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Has anyone ever been to Adelitas in Tijuana B.C Mexico, I hear they have some hot young Latinas?
I'm planning on flying down to San Diego next weekend to go. Please tell me about your experiences there.
i have been to TJ before but never to the place you mentioned... just be suretotake your birth certificate with you to ensure you can get back across the border.

I've had 3 marriage proposals!?
I am currently seperated for the 4th and final time. When holidaying in Cuba I had 3 marriage proposals from young hot Latinas. What do I do?
Are you the type of person who gets paid to marry people?
Latinas love Black men A LOT, is it only true in NYC and LA or in other areas as well?
I live in NYC and most attractive Latinas I see are with Black men (whether they are White or Mestizo), I mean they are drop dead hot and most of them are with Black men. I only see Latinas with Hispanic men if they are older Latinas who came to the US from their own country but most of the young ones I see are with Black men.

I hear it is the same in LA. Is it only true in NYC and LA or in other areas as well?
Why are you so obsessed with this?
Why are latina teens more likely to get pregnant?
first of all, im not judging them in a negative way, i respect the fact that theyre brave enough to go through that at such a young age(becoming a mother and all that)instead of giving up and taking "the alternative"(you know what i mean) also, most of them dont seem easy or $lutty(judging from the ones ive met), so i dont think thats the case here...its also kinda weird how im attracted to young latinas with babies (im only 18 btw), maybe cos i love babies or cos they seem so mature(in a motherly sort of way)... but anyways, some of my friends are latinos and they cant give me a straight to me maybe its because latinas are so hot (imo) that guys just cant help themselves:-)....or them latino guys are really,really horny lol jk..seriously though, can anyone help me understand why...

i heard about this on the news, and did a lil bit of research , and also through my observation, so im assuming its true.

ps- im originally from china, so excuse my naiveness
It has to do with the culture. Its not that hispanic girls are having more sex than their non hispanic counterparts its just that they are less likely to use contraceptives. Although many latino parents will talk to their guyren about relationships and sex they are less likely to talk about contraception. Machismo plays a big part too. In the latino community you see that many parents tell one thing about sex to the boys and a completely different thing to girls. It is frowned upon for a latina girl to be having sex before marriage. This leads latina girls to not using contraceptives for fear that Papi might find out.

Also the fact that abortion is a big no no in the latino community leads to higher birth rates among latinas.
GUYS: Poll about hot girls :)?
This may seem like a simple question, but I'm actually using it for a class. I've read a lot about huge self-esteem issues in young women and well, being a woman myself, I definitely know what it's like to feel fat, ugly, and hating all those "hotter girls". So, I just want to know what type of body you find hot or sexy.
I know it all depends on the guy blah blah, so this is just a sample :)
Some body types would be: skinny and athletic, veeeery skinny (models), normal body (not fat, not skinny), voluptuous (Latinas), skinny with some curves, chubby (normal, maybe a little fat on stomach), fat, veeery fat...etc etc.
Really skinny and petite, but in a proportionate way. Girls that are just naturally small, not someone who starves themself to become that way. Like the cute little asian girls lol.
Latinas are driving scooters in high heels? Look?
This shots were from my last visit to Costa Rica, where I captured a young lady (23 y/o) driving her scooter at the town while wearing platform stilettos... maybe she needed the extra height to reach the ground... she was wearing a knee lenght capri and long sleeved top...

Actually the girl looked really hot and sexy... Have you seen that? Would you drive a scooter that way? I think those were at least 4 1/2" stiletto sandals... quite sexy..
I've been living in Italy for awhile, and have see these things all the time. It's very common to see these type of things in Latin American countries and Europe. I wouldn't do it, but it's only because I don't have a scooter. LOL.
Latinas and Latinos, is my poem good?
it's for my Literature class and I'm the only one in that class that's Hispanic. our teacher made us follow the "where I'm from" format poem.

Yo Soy/ I am

I am from the striking of the piñatas
From crying when you only got 2 or 3 dulces
I am from the brown-skinned people protesting for their rights
(Brown and tired, but still with hope)
I am from the buds blossoming into beautiful flowers in just 15 years

I am from the hot tamales and buñuelos on Christmas
I am from Chava and La Bomba, Charoli and La Muñeca
I am from risking it all for a better education
From I’m sorry I can’t give you everything you want
I am from the dictionary
I only got up to Academic
I am from the “Padre Nuestro, que estás en el cielo…”

I am from the old downtown apartments
From Mami’s sweet orchata
From tears of the tristesas of abuelita’s life
And from the fear of his belt, as he walked angrily towards me
Under my bed were Barbie’s and socks and color crayons
Which I would get in trouble later for not cleaning up
From dreams of being the first in my family to go to college

I am from being raised by a firm young Mexican woman
And I am from being disciplined and learning how to be strong
From an intelligent Mexican man

Y un dia, yo cambiaré el mundo.
Excellent! One can feel the life that gave you strength of character. You probably express a lot of what other people would like to say. Write more, the world will be better for it.
Why does it matter to people if we are sorta bi-racial?
I'm half white half hispanic.I look white to most people.Some people can see in my features I look not full white.Okay my husband is full hispanic.We live in an area of educated people from all over the world.A college town.But then we go to a city about 45 min. away and this area is predominetly hispanic.I love it,until my husband and I go to the mall to shop.We are a young looking couple,and we love to shop for clothes etc.or just walk the mall hlding hands.When we are walking up to lets say a group of latinas as young as we are;why do they have to give me the evil eye look?My husband has noticed this too!! They hate in their looks towards me.Because we think it may be i'm white and i don't exactly look like one of them?But the funny thing is that i'm half of that culture just as much as i'm half white.

It's frusterating and we ignore the looks or the stares.But I've always had the hots for latin men.I'm sooo attracted to them.So I have my husband and thats all that matters to me.I'm attracted to him,obviously and we shouldn't care what others think.But can anyone answer this???

And why do white people stare at us as well?Are they curious,too?????

Hmmm i am soooo confused by this and I can't really talk about it to anyone.
Thank you!!!
Take it as a compliment... you and you husband are a good-looking couple and people notice... perhaps they're even a little jealous....
Why are white Women so much smarter and sexier than all other women?
My second choice would be white looking latinas and then asians (when they are young). I'm married to a white girl and she looks great. Every time I make sweet luv to her I feel like someone put me on a sex show because she is so hot! I do occasionally date good looking latin women but I never give them more than three dates and I never leave anything behind if you know what I mean. I'm afraid she could steal it and make herself pregnant and then I might have a half latino guy
you just are one retarded racist ignorant dumb stupid hill billy, no pun intended. It doesn't matter what race a woman is for she a human-being like yourself, myself, and everyone else. Her ethnicity or complexion shouldn't be a factor for how intellectual, attractive, and/or experience she is. it depends on her level of education, self-esteem, self-confidence, or in your case how stupid she is to give guys like you a chance, guys like yourself are the reason why woman go lesbian because they feel that decent man are either gay, taken, or extinct

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