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Where can I find anime featuring pregnant girls?
Looking for movie titles featuring pregnant girls. Or stomach inflation by other means.
Umm There's hardly ANY anime that includes episodes of pregnancy. I can think of a few

Clannad After Story
Itanazura Na Kiss
School Days
Naruto (That one chick who Asuma laid)
Are there any cartoons or anime with pregnant woman or girls?
Does not have to be a main character. I just want to know if there are pregnant woman or girls portrayed at all.
Yeah, in Naruto Shippuden, Kureni (i hope i spelled her name right) was pregnate.
Is there a romance anime that the girl gets pregnant?
I really think its romantic when a couple is expecting a baby, so is there an anime, where the girl gets pregnant? if you can help that would be so great
Aya from Ayashi no Ceres…

Katsumi from Silent Mobius…

Those are the only two anime that I can think of that have pregnancies and romance.
Does anyone know an anime where a girl gets pregnant?
Are there any animes where a girl gets pregnant or something? with her boyfriend or her husband? and sorta how they deal with the pregnancy? (It's a school assignment. Our teacher is weird!)
Itazura na kiss.
That anime was so cute and hilarious<3.
The main characters get married and near the end, she gets pregnant and gives birth to a girl.
Anime with pregnant girl?
are there any animes with a main character that's pregnant other than clannad and itazura na kiss ANY SUGGESTIONS
in ayashi no ceres aya gets pregnent.
What's a good anime about a girl who gets pregnant?
I'm not sure how to go about finding one. If it's a romance, that's a plus. :D
School Days - Tells the consequences of not pulling out.
Clannad After story (Make sure u watch Clannad first, though shes not pregnant till season 2)

Both of these are pretty morbid though, makes you not want pregnant a girl/ get pregnated.

Dont think I've seen any other anime that directly shows that a girl is pregnant.
Anime about a guy who has to get a girl pregnant?
There's this anime about a guy who has like a week or something to get a girl pregnant or this Shinigami will take him to the afterlife or something. So he ends up getting his sister pregnant. Forgot the name and can't find it anywhere so if you know this one please put up like a link or something so I can check it out. Thanks.
Ane Haramix…
Pregnant anime/manga series?
Are there any series of Japanese animation/comics where a girl gets pregnant, similar to Arisa from Imadoki? (Something dramatic please)
itazura na kiss
I can't figure out what anime this is?
I remember seeing this video of some anime girl stabbing this one boy and then
someone texts that girl to meet on top of the roof and the other girl had a katana
and cut open her stomach. I think the girl lied about being pregnant so she could
stay with the one boy she stabbed. Idk.
school days

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