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Do you know any website/forum that has good passwords of teen model sites?
Do you know where I can find active passwords of teen models websites?

Also, where can I find passwords for pictureview.com?
What do I have to do to become a teen model? (agencies, online sites, email)?
I want to model. Im 5'3 ,90lbs, blonde based brunette, and my teeth are almost straight (im almost done with -invisilign- braces) I don't know how to start, sign up, or even begin modeling. If you could give me any help. Please do. By the way Im under 18.
There are some sites that hire girls 13 to 17 to do glamor modeling. They're not agencies. You get paid for your modeling work. Here are some I know about. Of course your parent will need to sign the proper model release forms and get you to the studio.

What are some trusted teen modelling sites?
I would really like to get into modelling, i'm 12 years old but i dont want to sign up for anything dodgy.
Don't bother with websites. 99% of the so-called modeling sites are scam sites you pay for and never get a job

If you are serious about modeling, your parents need to send in your pictures to the Ford and Wilhelmina agencies nearest you. They are the top agencies for guy models - it's where Leighton Meester, Lindsey Lohan, Katherine Heigl, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Natalie Portman and so many others go their starts
I want to be a teen model, Any sites?
I wanna be a teen model. Its just what ive always wanted to do. And im going to do it :D.
But i need some help. Tips would be good, sites would be better. heres some pix of me :3 and i appreciate it a lot. i dont want to sound mean i luv every1 i just dont know how to really explakin it
i just know im gonna do it :O I REALLY WANT TO



No offense but your look really isn't popular in anything outside teenaged girls. As a model, you will be forced to change your look often. In the modeling industry, a model is only a muse so they are expected to look as clean as possible. Any superfluous piercings, excessive makeup, over-dyed or teased hair in unnatural colours or anything else that hampers your natural beauty is frowned upon.
Teen/Preteen model sites?
If they show you pictures of teen/preteen girls in bikinis and showing their stomachs[in other clothes], but not necesarrily in suggestive poses, then the site asks for 20 dollars a month to get access to more pictures. Does that automatically mean the sites's catered to pedos?
Yes ofcourse I have nearly 200 such photos and I am a pedophile.Oh little girls in little clothes I just love them
What is with the pre-teen model stuff.?
I see on the internet there are these pre-teen model sites, which have very suggestive poses which makes me sick, i did a little searching and found lots of them, how the HELL is this legal? even if they arent nude this isent right and should be illegal...
I thought it was illegal.
I guess crooked companys will bend the law as far as they can without breaking it to make a buck
For what reason they decide to do modeling for teen photography sites?
I'm not talking about worthless pornstars or professional supermodels or porn amateurs. I'm talking about beautiful models of teen photography sites such as Met-Art, Femjoy, Hegre-Art and Domai. These girls are really beautiful (photoshopping is not the case) and look innocent. So is there any horrible fact behind this type of modeling? For what reason these girls decide to do modeling for these sites?

- JUST for Money? How much?
- Because they really want? (as site owners claim)
- They are forced to do that for any reason?
Why should there be any "horrible fact" behind them modelling??

A lot of these models do it because they enjoy it and don't have any hang ups about nudity and showing their bodies - the money obviously helps but the pay is not great.
How should I organize a payment method with a solo teen model?
I'm interested in starting a solo teen girl site (SweetKrissy.com, SouthernBrooke.com, etc. NSFW) and have come to a question that I am not able to answer myself. What is the best way to make payment to the model? A monthly percentage of what the site makes? A set amount of money per month? Should I have a lawyer write up the contract or should a hand written contact do fine?
you need a lawyer to write up a contract. never hand written contract....and make sure you planty of co-signs and wittness.
Anyone know how to become a teen site-model?
I'm 15 right? For like..4 years I've been trying to be a model. Modeling school is WAY too expensive, because I've already auditioned && got into Barbizon, but it was too expensive. Agencies aren't really looking for "teens" right now, so I though the other step I could take would be site-modeling.
I'm a big fan of Brookelle Bones, and I love her work. I wanted to be a model, just like her, cuzz shes awesome.
Does anyone know how I could even start getting sites to want me as a model?
It would help a lot[[:
You need to get a portfolio. Most of the time local colleges will have aspiring photographers who want to expand their portfolio and they are willing to do what is called TFP (Trade For Photos) which means instead of paying them to take your photo you trade your time as the model for pictures they take. Get a few of these shoots set up with different styles of modeling and you will be on your way to haveing a modeling portfolio. Also there is a site called Model Mayhem. Once you get some photos you can get an account on there and meet a bunch of photographers and other models to do shoots with. If you want to work for Brookelle Bones your best bet would to find an agent and have them send in your pictures to be considered. But if that isnt an option to you, you could always send them in yourself. Agents will just have more contacts and will be able to negotiate a contract on your behalf. They know the legal side to everything.
But the bottom line is you need professional photos taken of you so Id suggest starting at square one, then move on to Brookelle.
Hope this helped!

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