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What is soulja boy's Problem?
He Has beef with
1/bow wow (resolved)
2/New Boyz (He started over twitter, seriously he started them for no reason at all, calling them ******* e.t.c.)
3/NAS - Now this is the one that really pissed me off, he claimed nas "Killed hip hop" The only thing nas has done has SAVED hip hop from lil wayne and soulja ******, soulja boy thinks since he made his shitty *** song for teenie boppers he is the best all lil wayne and soulja boy raps about is bitches and hoes, nas on the other hand and eminem and the Game actually rap about there life et.c.
4/ Ice T- good on him for standing up and saying to soulja boy that he ruined hip hop,

so what are your thoughts?
thanks for reading to this point by the way.
it's hard to tell what is problem actually is, but how I see it it's all a promo stunt.
Attention whoring if you will.
Eminem did it, 50 Cent did it, game did it and soulja boy does it.

People will do a lot of messed up things get more famous, even if it includes killing a lifestyle if expressing yourself to the fullest.
It saddens me that it have to come to this. Hip Hop was dead the day it stopped being commercial like soulja. And now rap is just the living zombie.
rap was never about beef, it was about hearing from the streets. The beef and bitching is just a biproduct.
That's my 2 cents anyhow.
I need a nickname nothing that has to do with my actualy name just a really cute one?
i need a nickname a cute one though nothing that has to do with my name my for example i call my friend freckles because she has freckles and i call my other friend Mrs puerto rico because she has a rican accent and so now i need a nickname and my friend thought of teenie but i don't like it i have a really big *** if that helps with the making of the nickname lol
Big Sister
I need some books to read!!!!?
i need some good reccomends for new books. i basically like anything.

anything from cheesy paranormal romance stories to teenie bopper high school novels to crazy *** stories to period pieces and to ones that completely blow your mind... so like basically anything! lemme know!
The Twilight Saga! It is my all time favorite series!

Also try the Hunger Games and its sequel Catching Fire.

Firefly Lane is also really good.

As well as all of the following:
Chronicles of Vladamir Todd
Witch Guy
Tree Grows in Brooklyn
The House of Night series
The Night World series
Vampire High
Secret Circle
Vampire Diaries
Something Rotten
Evil Genius
Witch Dreams
Define "Normal"
Watership Down
Life Expectancy
The Uglies series
The Host
Which generation of rap/hip hop do you perfer?
The 1990's real rap (not like today mainstream crap like soulja boy) or the 2000's today mainstream crap like soulja boy t-pain lil wayne and all the rest of that whack *** so called rap/hip hop more like hip "teenie" bop guydy pop crap with cussing LOL
I prefered the '90s. I think '94 and '99 were two of the best years in hip-hop.


Illmatic - Nas
Tical - Method Man
Thug Life Vol. 1 - 2Pac/Thug Life
Creepin' on ah Come-up - Bone
Ready To Die - BIG
Resurrection - Common
Regulate...G Funk Era - Warren G


...And Then There Was X - DMX
Chronic 2001 - Dr Dre
Slim Shady LP - Eminem
I Am... - Nas
400 Degreez - Juvenile
Blackout - Redman/Method Man
Venni Vetti Vecci - Ja Rule
No Limit Top Dogg - Snoop Dogg
Gimmie A Good Proxy?
I need a really good, new proxy for school. And no, before you start, I'm not like the other millions of teenie boppers trying to get around the myspace block. However, my school does this really dumb thing where they block really good informing sites based on some obscure wording. So when you try to reasearch stuff for a paper and find a really good site, its blocked even though there is nothing wrong with it. So please, help me out. I'd like to do my research for my research paper at school so I can type it a home. And none of those dumb *** lectures about how wrong proxies are. If you don't have a proxy, don't answer this question.
Try our new CGI proxy- login to my space guaranteed

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Hey, I got in a huge fight and ganged up on. By friends of friends?
Here is how it went down,
I had a fight between me & my bff of 7 years over her current boyfriend because he is just bad.
Soo, her dad messages me on facebook and says that he knows her boyfriend is a craphead but we should still be friends. And that he won't let her go to the local skating rink (where a lot of her friends are) anymore because he doesn't want this to be her lifestyle.
So she tells one friend named Taylor that she can't go anymore because she had a fight with me,
and so Taylor thinks I messaged her Dad about how bad the skating rink is. So she tells me what a horrible friend I am, and starts telling two other girls about "what I've done"
They all start calling me a ***** and don't believe me even though I proved to them I said nothing to her Dad.
This one girl named Amanda who has a bad background,
her dad went to prison for molestation, i think she is neglected of attention,
says she'll beat me up and updates to 200 people she'll kick my ***.

I fought all 3 of the girls off, they are retarded dumb little teenie boppers, but I don't know what to do now!
I am my best friend's #1 but the girl named Taylor is her #3, the girl named Amanda goes to school with her and...I don't think we can all be friends.
Did I do something wrong?
i, in my own opinion, think you did nothing wrong. it was your bffs dad who did the wrong thing in messaging you. &i think you and your bff should just sit down and talk it out. you tell her what really happened, show her the message, etc. &see what she says. if she doesnt believe you for whatever reason, then you should get her dad to tell her what happened.

she should beleive you though since yall have been bffs for so long..,
Do you think MTV is going too far with the show, Skins?
The show seems like it could be good for sociological value if it was put in documentary format, like a lot of drug and sex awareness shows made for teens, but let's face it, I'ts not! It was made to be exploitive and amuse viewers on their asses at homes in their little rocker chairs. It's based off of the UK show thatt's been airing for 5 years. I was going to watchit out of curiosity factors, but I'm at my university library, and I started watching it, and I couldn't even get a few minutes into it, without showing content that could possibly get me in trouble! It showed too much teenie skin, and I could get cruscified legally for watching a show they air on MTV every week.
Becuase your in college you should be able to watch any thing you want..im in my second year of high school and i find it realistic and just like any other day for a high schooler, i liked it alot and would keep watching it.

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