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Movie cant remember the title about young boys discovering they are gay?
Its set in the country a new family moves next door. They have a son and the family next door has a son. One of the boys is very farmish works with his hands and stuff drives the bus for the school and his next door neighbor hops on. The other boy is very shy he dad is abusive to him from what i gather the father molested the son. He seeks refuge with his next door neighbor they become close and fool around. In the end the boys and some other boys go on a camping trip. In the end the shy gay boy dies and the other boys is deeply upset.
lol its called Dreamboy watched it the other night :P
How many boys had gay sex when they were very young?
what age what was it, did u enjoyed it or not
I was 12 w/ other boys my age & a bit older. A lot of dares and things like that @ first, while camping out. We slept in that tree-fort all through that summer, so definitely yes!
Very young boys naturally like hanging around other boys much more than girls.?
Do you think exposing them to stories, movies, and TV shows with homosexual men too early in their development will confuse them into thinking they must be gay since they believe 'girls are stupid and icky'?
Young guyren do not need to be exposed to any movie, story or TV show with a sexual nature of any kind. I do believe that Hollywood needs to stop trying to indoctrinate the gay lifestyle into society. I am tired of being force fed that it is OK to be gay. I don't think it is OK and I don't want my guys believing it is either.
Any good youth sites out there for young Gay people?
Just one where you can meet up and chat. As i'm fifteen, nearly sixteen and ready to start dating, but it's rather hard finding young gay boys (or at least in my experiance).

I'm not looking for somewhere like Myspace, but somewhere like, I don't know, a forum or a chat room, or something where I could just talk to people.

Thanks very much.
There are several of them and in time as you get a little older you will know which ones they are. At 15 (and I know you said you're ready to start dating) you should be focusing on your personal growth as a person. Cruising the net at your age can be fun but most definitely suggestion to you is contact your local gay community and start learning and meeting people that way. You have a life time of cruising, meeting and dating ahead of you. Take it one step at a time. And if you're going to meet/date and explore sex with another person make sure to be cautious and use protection.
Do you remember feeling/being gay as a young guy under 10?
I was looking at my 3 year old cousin yesterday and it's funny how he interacts differently with girls vs. boys. He is very playful and is always trying to hug/kiss girls; however, when he interacts with boys he appears to be more rougher by running around trying to play with them and being more competitive. I'm basically saying that it's very clear that he likes girls. So I'm just wondering if there would be any clear indications that a guy would be gay.

What are your thoughts? Do you recall being or feeling gay at a very young age?
Wow, a sincere question coming from you of all people. I'm impressed.

To answer your question:
Gender roles has nothing to do with determining one's sexuality. There are plenty of gay boys just as interested in sports and cars, etc etc as much as a straight boy. A gay girl could play with barbies and fantasize about weddings and what not as much as a straight girl. And the opposite is in effect as well; straight boys playing barbies or straight girls wrestling with other boys.

Are there any clear indications on how any guy is going to turn out just by what they do, play with, say? No, absolutely not. Things can change or have already been preexisting in the first place.
What is a stereotypical recess activity that young lesbian girls play?
I'm writing a paper that's due very shortly, and have anecdotally suggested that some young gay boys may play "house" during recess and be bullied as a result of it. I'm trying to think of a comparable activity for young lesbian girls. This activity should not fulfill female gender rolls.
You can't determine someone's sexual orientation based on their interest in gender roles. There are men who dress in skirts and high heels on a daily basis who are heterosexual.

Yes, there are boys who are interested in stereotypically feminine things - and most of those boys aren't gay. Think of some of the most macho professions - lumberjacks, cowboys, firefighters - you'll find many gay men fascinated with those professions, even to the point of making a sexual fetish out of the uniforms and equipment of those careers.

You're probably thinking of "tomboy" activities, such as contact sports, activities that involve building or tearing down something, or any activities that involve getting your clothes dirty - but most young girls interested in such things are straight, rather than lesbian.
Is it normal that a 38 year old gay man like 17,18 year old boys?
Hey guys! I am gay! I am 26 years old and have a 38 year old boy friend! when we walk around i notice that he looks at other good looking boys. I dont care actually because i do the same but what makes me a little bit sad is that most of the time (about 90% of te times) he looks at very very young boys who are 17,18,19 years old! I know that 18 is an age in which you are not a guy any more but considering the 20 year age different between my boy friend and these "guys" do you guys consider it normal! to me it is weird! and i find it totally disgusting!

What do you think?
Straight men of that age look at young girls all the time and it is considered to be "normal".
I find it disgusting.
But I guess you can't help being attracted to something.
It's what you do with it, which hopefully is nothing.
Let him know it creeps you out!
My stepson is gay and is really dressing odd. He is wearing small size girls and young boys's shirts chopped?
at the waist. He is wearing young boy size jeans whick are way too tight in the behind and very short. He just looks pain odd,but acts like he looks wonderful. How do I help him realize he looks badly without hurting his feelings? He is defensive about his appearance.Thanks.
tell him hes a w ank and needs to lay off the fairy get up
I think i am gay and i like boys what do i do now?
I have accepted myself as a gay teenager a very young teenager!!!!!! I am 13 years old and i am gay what do i do now??????? And if your 13 or 14 and gay plz message me and chat on yahoo!!!!! So i am gay what i do now?
Carry on with your normal everyday life? It's not as if you have to change! I personally would hold back on telling people until you're a little older and a bit more sure but just use the next few years of your life to see where it takes you.
Where can a gay youth go to for help in Toronto?
Ive known since I was a very very young boy that I was gay, and was definitely known as the gay guy all through school. the problem is, i still havent come out of the closet. im sure everyone closest to me knows, or at least suspects very highly, that im gay. but i just wish i wasnt, and i hate myself for hating myself so much... being gay is not a choice at all and i realize that... i just need somewhere to go to for help. Im in the Toronto area and need someone to talk to. are there are places that offer counselling?
Hmm you could try looking in the phone book, I know in the US there are 800 number hotlines for gay people. If found a hotline in Toronto: 1-800-268-9688.

This website looks really good:…

Could you talk to a school counselor or does your school have a gay support group?

I'd recommend calling that number, they would probably have specific info on gay support groups or social places.

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